Real Capital Solutions Celebrates Earth Day

Real Capital Solutions has a long-term commitment to solar, and is able to work on large solar projects across the country.  As our mission states, we believe in being respectful of our environment and solar is one way of accomplishing this mission.  We currently have 17 solar projects in operation across Colorado, Minnesota, and California.  Follow the link below and view each asset and see a live generation feed of each array.


In Operation:
  • Peak to Peak, Lafayette, Colorado, 336 KW
  • Central High School, Grand Junction, Colorado, 331 KW
  • Grand Junction High School, Grand Junction, Colorado, 186 KW
  • Fruita Monument High School, Fruita, Colorado, 274 KW
  • Nisley Elementary, Grand Junction, Colorado, 78 KW
  • Wheat Ridge Medical Offices, Wheat Ridge, Colorado, 345 KW
  • Hidden Lake Medical Offices, Westminster, Colorado, 500 KW
  • Stapleton Support Center, Denver, Colorado, 368 KW
  • Regional Office, Denver, Colorado, 262 KW
  • East Denver Medical Offices, Denver, Colorado, 424 KW
  • Aurora Centrepoint Medical Offices, Aurora, Colorado, 491 KW
  • Arapahoe Medical Offices, Centennial, Colorado, 497 KW
  • 350 Interlocken, Broomfield, Colorado, 201 KW
  • Jeffco Community Solar, Arvada, Colorado, 1.5 MW
  • BentonSun Community Solar, Norwood Young America, Minnesota, 6.9 MW
  • WakeSun Community Solar, Cold Spring, Minnesota, 4.0 MW
  • Prospect Point, Rancho Cordova, CA, 368 KW