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Partner Opportunities
Real Capital Solutions
Partner Opportunities

We focus on strategic initiatives where our expertise is deep and our ability to add value is great. We seek partners and deal flow to leverage our capital, bank credit, and expertise in each of our initiatives.

Becoming a Working Partner: Successful partnerships are dependent on the new partner’s ability to add value to the Real Capital Solutions team. For each initiative, Real Capital Solutions plan for successfully executing each new deal involves finding the right Working Partners: driven people with a specific expertise in their field or a deep knowledge of their local market. We require someone who is willing to show motivation to put forth the extreme effort necessary to succeed.

We understand that every partner has unique skills, and we want to know about yours. For more information, contact Scott Brown, Director of Capital, at 303-533-1606, or email Scott at

Deals For Brokers

Several of our partners are real estate brokers who have had successful careers and who know the importance of treating brokers fairly. We make certain brokers who bring us viable deals are protected and properly compensated for their critical role.

We are looking for highly skilled and motivated brokers capable of creating deal flow and who also have a thorough understanding of their local market niche. We are hoping for repeat relationships and ultimately, we hope that brokers are also willing to join our team as partners.

Bringing your deals to Real Capital Solutions, you expect:

  • To be protected on your commission
  • To deal with buyers who act quickly and decisively
  • Buyers who have over $150 million of their own capital available
  • A tightly run, experienced and entrepreneurial shop

For source deals, we are looking for:

  • Condo projects
  • Apartments deals
  • Land and lot inventory
  • Commercial buildings

Target markets include:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Nevada
  • North Carolina