Real Capital Solutions Initiatives

Since 1998, the Multifamily team of Real Capital Solutions has acquired more than 1,600 apartments units and 1,400 condo units located across the country. Our portfolio consists of apartments, condos and land. With an opportunistic investment philosophy, the Multifamily team targets various investments surrounding attached real estate assets to include new development, value-add opportunities, working with sponsors seeking equity and debt, condo conversions, unsold or partially sold new builds, and non performing notes.

Our team has the expertise to manage and strategically allocate condo versus apartment mix and determine optimal pricing and profitability.

We currently manage a wide variety of asset types, across the nation, including condo conversions, new condo development, and apartments that are stabilized and in lease up.

Apartments/Condominiums has a strong foundation and deep understanding of multifamily assets that offer property owners and investor’s extreme value through third party asset management services for both apartment and condo projects.