Renewable Energy

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Renewable Energy

We have a long-term commitment to solar, and are able to work on large solar projects. As our mission states, we believe in being respectful of our environment and solar is one way of accomplishing this mission.

Renewable Energy

In Operation:

In Construction:

  • BentonSun Community Solar, Norwood Young America, Minnesota, 6.9 MW
  • WakeSun Community Solar, Cold Spring, Minnesota, 4.0 MW

RCS Sold Projects:

  • 371 Centennial, 169 KW
We will invest outside of these markets for the right deal.

We have a long-term commitment to solar deals and are able to do large deals:

  • Social benefits: “… we give back to our community by being respectful of our environment…” (RCS mission statement)
  • In-house appetite for depreciation and ITC
  • Thorough understanding of each party’s requirements/interest

Most entities that finance solar projects are a combination of passive tax equity owners, non-recourse debt, and undercapitalized developers.

How do we differ?

  • RCS provides both equity and debt to the table 
  • Marcel Arsenault provides a completion guaranty for the construction financing as well as a 100% repayment guaranty for the permanent financing